Dermaga One (that was then)

My Favorite spot in Jakarta is Ancol, it’s a wonderland for people of Jakarta. We can find amusement park and other entertaining place, it has “Dunia Fantasi”, where people can enjoying their quality time with their love ones by playing all cool stuff there.

Other enjoying place like “Gelanggang Samudra”, SeaWorld, Atlantis funtastic water park, and so much more.

This essay not for Ancol Advertising, I wrote this because my family find this place so fun and cozy, but we are not telling story about all the amused place in there, but about a place we called “Dermaga One”

This place is in a part of the beach near of Dutch Cemetary and next to a restaurant named “Dermaga One”. Right next to this resto there is a small pier where ussualy in the morning people can go fishing, and sometimes a few local fishermans docked near this pier to sell fish that their capture just the nigt before.

If we go very early morning, dawn maybe, to find sunset we can find very beautiful morning scene. Capture this beauty with my D300s Nikon, attached with Tokina 11-16 F/2.8 DX lens, because I wanna get panoramic view and need the wonderful wide lens, combine with ND8 doubled with CPL filter, so I cant take with slow speed exposure.

With the size of the pier that only less than one meter wide and the almost a hundred meter length, made this pier more nice and good to be taken picture with.

If we talk about the scene, beautifull morning sky make misty look if we taken with slow speed effect, and when we use small aperture the detail of the clouds, detail of the pier and other detail will look more clear and sharp.

the sum of this experience are very enjoyable moment, to see the morning view and draw this with camera.

What a lovely Sunday Morning, and a very cool quality time.

but sadly that was then, because now this pier already being dismantled

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  1. Do you have any kind of tips for writing posts?
    That’s where I always battle and also I just end up looking empty screen for long period
    of time.

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