Jakarta, The Night

Jakarta in the night

This place called by local Jakarta people as “Bundaran HI” or Hotel Indonesia Rotunda, use to be Hotel Indonesia around the corner, now the management under Kempinski Indonesia.

“Bundaran HI” surrounded by several high rise building and become the heart of Jakarta, and it’s very beautiful to see the scene from the building lightning.

With the water fountains and a welcoming statue in the middle of the circle called “Monumen Selamat Datang”, make this spot more attractive, and favorite place for some local photographer for night hunt.

To capture these scene from the time sun setting down until the night come are a cool activity for me.

The Buildings around this spot seem so colorful, and of course at lot of ‘speed’ of light captured there. I tried to monumentalize night view in this location, In some circumstances, tripod is a gear that we must bring, couse we dealing with a low exposure and of course, slow speed must be set.

To add good light effect I used star filter for my wide lense, it make the picture much more glamourous and nice to see.

Jakarta in the night

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