Kapuas River

Located in West Kalimantan and the longest river in Kalimantan and even the longest river in Indonesia. The name of this river is taken from the name of Kapuas Hulu area, and it also passes Pontianak city, the city which I visit for works and photo hunting to Singkawang, West Kalimantan.

To enjoy the beauty of the Kapuas river and see firsthand the community activities in every coast, you can use a tourist boat parked in the park alun kapuas.

One other thing that concerns me is the area that all started in Pontianak, It is located in an area on the east of the Kapuas Besar River, located in the village of Bugis, district of East Pontianak where Kadriah Palace belongs to Sultan Syariff Abdurrahman and its iconic is a mosque with the name of Mosque Sultan Syariff Abudrrahman better known as Jami Mosque Pontianak, and there is an expression that has not been to Pontianak if not go to Jami Mosque.

This mosque is located right at the edge of the Kapuas River, and I take some photo landscape on the banks of this Kapuas river from the front of this Pontianak Jami Mosque.

By using Nikon D80 equipped with wide lens Tokina 11-16 DX f / 2.8 and ofcourse the tripod Manfrotto. The time showed as early as 16:00 pm so the fall of the shadow from the afternoon sun was long and interesting. The fall of light was warm enough and fell into the mosque. Very beautiful.

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