Pura Tanah Lot

The Sunset

Nowadays there might be hundreds of tourism icons on the island of Bali, from the coast to the mountains. This tourism icon is a tourist visit area that you must visit if you are on holiday in the island of Bali, there is a phrase saying that “everyday is Sunday” in Bali.

One of the icons of tourism on the island of Bali is Tanah Lot. There is a temple that stands on a rock that is slightly separated from the beach and if the water is tidal then the temple will be like an island between the seas.

Temples are built in two different places. One temple is located on a large boulder, and the other is located on a cliff jutting into the sea similar to Uluwatu Temple. It is the cliff that connects the temple with the mainland. As well as the shape of a curved cliff like a bridge.

Tanah Lot Temple is part of the Kahyangan Jagat Pura in Bali, intended as a place to worship sea guard gods. At high tide, the temple will look surrounded by sea water. Below it is a small cave in which there are several sea snakes. This Sea Snake is said to be the scarf of a Brahmin caste named Dang Hyang Nirartha as the person who built the Tanah Lot Temple.

Along the path to Tanah Lot there are many tourist attractions and there are many inns. Starting from simple lodging, to villas and star hotels. Tourist attractions in Bali, very crowded with tourists, especially in the afternoon, before sunset.
From the parking lot to the temple area, there are many shops that sell various Balinese handicrafts. For example statues, paintings, beach fabrics, knick-knacks, and accessories such as in the Sukawati Bali art market. The price is relatively cheap for domestic and foreign tourists. In addition there are food and beverage traders, as well as small room rentals.

There are also several hotels close to the beach around Tanah Lot tourist attractions, which organize various events at night. For example Kecak dance performances, sunset dinners, and weddings.

Considering that in the past, approximately 18 years ago, I often played to Tanah Lot, although it was a little far from my place in Kuta, but for the sake of chasing the beautiful Sunset from the shore, accompanied by special one to add the beauty of the sunset and admire Allah’s creation.

Moreover, to get the Golden Hours moment for a Photography work, it is quite challenging, because it must arrive at the location long before sunset, and ensure that the angle does not ‘bocor”, meaning that not many people or other visitors are twisting around our angles to get a good composition.

The Gear I Use Nikon D300s with the Tokina lens 11-16 F2.8 at the F16 opening to get more detail and use a slow speed technique, especially when the sky is getting dark.

The disadvantage is that there are too many good spots but the time of the Golden Hours is very little, only 5 minutes, so it must be repeatedly wisit here so many time to get a good angle as much as you can.

The conclusion is must be here again……………

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