Singkawang Beach

This story about my trip several years ago to West Kalimantan, Pontianak, for a working trip. I finished my work earlier then headed to Singkawang to pursuit the sunset in the lovely beach named Samudra Indah Beach. Took me about 4 hours from Pontianak to Singkawang by a rental car from the hotel.

Beach with white sand along south to east about 6 KM is a beach from South China Sea. There were some small wooden hut with coconut leaf as the roof, that build among some group of stones along side of the shore.

By the time I arrived there still some fisherman on the shore catching fish, and it good for my object of photography.
This beach was so quite and beautiful just a few hours before the sunset. With my Nikon D300s attached Tokina 11-16 f2,8 and Manfrotto tripod, I walked through some bushes and stone and my position was set.

Slow Speed
This kind of technique to get the smooth effect of the water, with small opening of diaphragm (f22) and long exposure of the shutter speed, vary from 2-15 second.
For composition the stones on the beach might be good for a foreground ant the warm sky from the sunset was make the tone is a little bit warmed, just like I wanted it.

I was on the beach until the sun fully set and the sky already turned from red to blue and slowly getting darker and the stars came up, so beautiful and quite meaningful for me because I was came from Jakarta with so busy city.

Please enjoy and it is very appreciate if you can give positive critique.

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