View from Borobudur

Borobudur Temple, built in the 9th century during the reign of the Sailendra Dynasty, the temple was designed in Javanese Buddhist architecture, which blends the Indonesian indigenous cult of ancestor worship and the Buddhist concept of attaining Nirvana.

The Sailendra Dynasty built this Largest Buddhist monument in the world between AD 780 and 840. The Sailendra are the ruling dynasty in Central Java at the time. It was built as a place for glorifying Buddha and a pilgrimage spot to guide mankind from worldly desires into enlightenment and wisdom according to Buddha.

Borobudur temple was discovered by the British in 1814 under Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles, it was until 1835 that the entire area of the temple has been cleared.

Borobudur built in the style of Mandala which symbolises the universe in Buddhist teaching. This structure is square shaped with four entry point and a circular centre point. Working from the exterior to the interior, three zones of consciousness are represented, with the central sphere representing unconsciousness or Nirvana.

Route to Borobudur from Yogyakarta is quite straightforward . First you need to go through Jalan Magelang. The complete route is Jogja – Jl. Magelang – Sleman – Tempel – Salam – Muntilan – Palbapang – Mendut – Borobudur Parking lot. The distance is about 45 km.

To get the sunrise view you need to get package tour from Hotel Manohara, either you spend the night at the hotel or you just come in early morning.

Morning view from Borobudur Temple is so beautiful. Instead of taking picture with slow speed, then you need tripod and wide lens, you need to get snap shot camera, I used my mirrorless fuji film camera, because there were so many object that you can shoot when you lazy enough to put you tripod on and off.

please enjoy my capture the view surround the compound in the misty morning.

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