My Enjoyment in life…………..

It’s been a while since I edited my last photographic view, I missed it a lot……..
Photography it was my kinda enjoyment for me, people can admire view, beautiful view, but not everyone can capture the beauty and make it more beautiful then the view itself, I missed that a lot, need to go back to my camera and get as much as I can get…….

I remember my first camera, I’ve got it for only Rp. 400K, second camera, Canon EOS 1000FN, with kit lens 18-55, and still using film format. I got it from my friend in college, hope he still remember. The hardest thing for using film format camera that you can not see the image until you developed the film, it made me wondered how the result was. A college boy with limited money, it’s kinda hard to spend much money to bought film and developed it.
My first semi pro DSLR camera was an Olympus E500 with double lens kit Zuiko 14-45 and 40-150, a friend introduce me to this camera, and my actual real path of photography begun. After knowing so much about photography then I started learning about other camera, and I choose to be a Nikonian, there were my: D80, D300S, D3000 and D800, and after the era of DSLR came the era of light camera that most people called Mirrorless Digital Camera, there were my Sony Nex 6, Sony Alpha 5100, and my favourite now is Fuji Film XM1 and Fuji Film XT10.

Of course we are not able to speak about photography without talking about the object we took, for me mostly I took them with hunting. There are many definition about photography, for me is a very simple definition, Photography is “an art of taking picture with help of light and make it much more beautiful the the actual scene itself”
For a family guy like me my enjoyment time for hunting photo always accompany with my lovely family, so I was brought my wife and my little son, because if I didn’t brought them to hunting, then I will get into problems at home lol.

In Jakarta so many spot of street hunting such as Kota Tua, Ancol and many of protocol street. The best part was when I got hunting outside town, like central Java, west java, Bali, Kalimantan and so many other places. I will attached several my hunting picture.

For night spot in Jakarta, the favourite is Hotel Indonesia Rotunda (Bunderan HI), because there is a Hotel Indonesia located there, you can get slow speed night shot. “Bundaran HI” surrounded by several high rise building and become the heart of Jakarta, and it’s very beautiful to see the scene from the building lighting. With the water fountains and a welcoming statue in the middle of the circle called “Monumen Selamat Datang”, make this spot more attractive, and favourite place for some local photographer for night hunt.

Jakarta in the night

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